Rules of Order

SBAY Networked Meeting Procedures - ebook cover image
2/22/2009 draft of the SBAY Networked Meeting Procedures
PDF document generated from the meeting procedures section of the SBAY Wiki
SBAY searched but found no traditional meeting "rules of order" on the web or in print to suffice for meetings in-person, online or a mix of the two. The Board of Directors have developed and adopted the SBAY Networked Meeting Procedures as our rules of order.

These only apply to the Board of Directors meetings. Though the procedures were intended to be applicable to more than just the Board of Directors, we do not force it on other parts of the organization.

Any groups choosing to use these procedures are welcome to submit suggestions and participate in discussion over updates to the procedures. We intend to evolve these rules so that other parts of our organization and other organizations would voluntarily select them. So let us know what changes you think would make them more useful to you.

We generate the PDF e-book of the procedure from our SBAY Procedures and Decision-making wiki.

Prior to developing our own procedures, we used University of British Columbia's Simplified Rules of Order (PDF). A mirror is available here on our site because it is no longer available from UBC.

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