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SBAY.ORG November 2004 Elections
This was moved from the front page to record that we held the elections. Results are now posted.

Getting the organization together - November 2004 Elections

As we ramp up to finish converting to the non-profit corporation, we need to officially fill in names on the ballot for all the officer positions and the seats on the Board of Directors. We asked participants from all parts of to consider whether they can help serve in one of these leadership positions.

Nominations are now closed. We found enough volunteers to fill the ballot. Thanks to all who have volunteered!

Here's a summary of the election for and its Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Organization Position Term Nominations
(listed alphabetically)
South Bay Community Network
President 1 year Ian Kluft
Vice President Heather Stern
Directors (4 seats) 2 years (1st and 2nd place winning candidates) John Delaney
Ian MacLure
Justin Rocha
Bill Ward
1 year (3rd and 4th place winning candidates)
Silicon Valley Linux User Group
President 2 years Paul Reed
Vice President Bill Ward
Bay Area FreeBSD User Group
Group leadership is an ongoing volunteer position
Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team
Group holds an annual internal election for team coordinator
Linux Picnic
Linux anniversary picnic
Group leadership is an ongoing volunteer position
SBAY Speakers Bureau
Regional Open Source speaker coordination
Group leadership is an ongoing volunteer position
SBAY Wireless Group has re-organized too recently for elections

In subsequent years, only two Director seats will have their terms expiring each year. So elections will include 2 seats for the board, or more only if there are vacancies to fill. But for this election, we need to fill all four Director seats with elected members.

There was an error in the announcement e-mail of Aug 30. SVLUG's President and Vice President positions are two-year terms. However, this became the subject of a poll of the SVLUG membership. The poll indicated members prefer to keep it at 2 years, but only by a slim margin. Those considering running now or in the future generally prefer 1-year yerms. So we know there wouldn't be a revolt if we had to change it to one-year terms to accommodate potential candidates. But we'll try to stick to the members' first choice of 2-year terms if possible. Whichever we choose this time, we'll record as the ongoing rule. But that's only for SVLUG offices -'s President and Vice President terms are set by the by-laws at 1 year.

The election process includes the following events.

September 1 - Nominating Committee begins work
The president must appoint a member to chair the nominating committee, and at least two other members to the committee. The nominating committee cannot include any members who will be candidates in the election - the whole point is to have non-candidates oversee the fair selection of the candidates. These will be the people responsible to find names for the ballot.

Done: The nominating committee members are Nate Dietrich, Sean Lynch and Dave Masten.

October 1 - Nominating Committee finishes work
The Nominating Committee turns over a list of names to the president with at least one member per position to be on the election ballot. The By-Laws require these names to be announced by Oct 15 - but we'll have a running current list of the nominations on the web site.

Done: Volunteers have been found for the minimum of one name per position on the ballot.

October 1 - Election Committee begins work
The president must appoint a member to chair the election committee, and at least two other members to the committee. The election committee cannot include any members who will be candidates in the election. These will be the people responsible to run the election.

Sort of Done: Volunteers weren't found to be an Election Committee. The lesson learned is to look for them sooner. So to keep the start-up of the by-laws processes moving, Will Galloway served as impartial vote-taker.

Early to mid-November - Election
The election committee will run the election, which will be announced by November 1 and voting completed by November 15. Electronic voting will be during a pre-announced period, which will not be less than 72 hours in duration. Then they'll report the results.

Done: We started late (after Nov 15 when we were supposed to be done.) Voting was held for 72 hours with these results.

The online voting was hosted on the server. Though that's an obvious resource available to the organization, it wasn't an ideal location because two of the machine's sysadmins (Ian Kluft and Justin Rocha) were candidates in the election. Since this election is uncontested and this seemed the only way to get it done soon, we decided we could live with that. In the future, we need to have an alternate and neutral location which is capable of hosting the voting.

Note about membership in and SIGs:

  • All candidates in the election must be members of
  • Leaders of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are required to be members of
  • Participants in SIGs are not required to join (All the groups had a tradition of free participation before.) However we want to point out that joining will help support all the organizations in
  • Voting in the election requires joining
  • Voting in the SVLUG election will require only subscription to one of SVLUG's mail lists.
  • Annual membership dues in have been set at $10 in the By-Laws - this will be the first time they've been collected.